Anjuu no Chi c11 (end)

•February 26, 2018 • 3 Comments

One last shot of Very Special Brew Nishi. I’m sorry it took so stupidly long. Thank you for taking the time to read this wonderfully strange manga.

Here’s the final chapter, and here’s a batch of the whole series.


Anjuu no Chi c10

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Minami’s “secret spot” is finally revealed. One more chapter to go.


Anjuu no Chi c09

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Anjuu no Chi: the only pubic hair sushi manga out there!


Anjuu no Chi c08

•February 12, 2018 • 1 Comment

In this chapter, Nishi & co. receive a very special delivery.


Anjuu no Chi c07

•November 15, 2016 • 4 Comments


The “enemy” appears, our friends prepare for a party, and Nishi watches a sex tape.


Anjuu no Chi c06

•August 12, 2016 • 2 Comments


I would joke about how long it took me since the last chapter, but I’m not confident I could do an adequate job of conveying the humor. In any case, I’ve finished translating the rest of the manga and it’s now only a matter of time until this project is completed.

The first chapter of volume two is all about chocolate parfaits, and rape.


Anjuu no Chi c05

•November 9, 2014 • 2 Comments


Chapter 5 of Anjuu no Chi finishes off volume 1, and in it we dive further into the backstory of Minami. Which, unsurprisingly, includes a lot of sex.

Big thanks to HappyScans! again for the help.


Anjuu no Chi c04

•November 2, 2013 • 4 Comments


Thanks to HappyScans! agreeing to help out with all the work outside of translation on this series, I’m happy to give you chapter 4 of Anjuu no Chi.

I’m sure the question most of you had at the end of chapter 3 was, “How does Nishi throwing up in a bucket help with brewing alcohol? What’s the connection?

With this chapter, we’re one step closer to finding out the truth…


Anjuu no Chi c03

•August 10, 2013 • 4 Comments


Thought I’d give some attention to this long-neglected Naoki Yamamoto work.

Mediafire links including the first two chapters in case you need them:
Chapter 1 (by Euthanasia)
Chapter 2 (by Euthanasia)
Chapter 3

Natsu wo Oboeru c04 (end)

•January 30, 2012 • 11 Comments

The final chapter of the short but sweet Natsu wo Oboeru. How does the story end for our Ota and Aiko-sensei? Left me craving for more, that’s for sure. Oh, and by the way: page 31. Blink and you miss it.

Have it your way: download either the final chapter or a batch of all the chapters.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for all your kind comments.

Natsu wo Oboeru c03

•January 29, 2012 • 5 Comments

More slices of life and nakedness.


Natsu wo Oboeru c02

•January 28, 2012 • 5 Comments

Chapter two sees Ota getting treated at Aiko-sensei’s place. Mostly with beer.


Natsu wo Oboeru c01

•January 26, 2012 • 4 Comments

A summer story of 17-year-old Yousuke who has a crush on his teacher Aiko.


Natsu wo Oboeru is the last untranslated manga from Tatsuya Okado. I feel it’s definitely the most slice-of-lifey of his stuff. Recommended if you like the genre (slice-of-life for the seinen audience) or the author’s other works Kayou Gogo 9ji and DoLL.

Kaikan Phrase Reincarnation

•January 23, 2012 • 5 Comments

Kaikan Phrase Reincarnation is a one-shot sequel to the original series, published in November 2011. Or more like a side story, rather? In the timeline of things, it takes place in the middle of volume 3, just after Sakuya returns from New York.

A big thank you to Taka-Sukunami for providing me with the raws as well as doing everything else aside from my translations. Thanks again!

Ever since that night, Aine has been saddened about not being embraced by Sakuya. Now as that sadness is gradually turning into anxiety, the hearts of the two are slowly drifting apart. Aine and Sakuya — just what course is their love going to take from here!?


PS. Don’t miss the Kaikan Phrase 2002 special chapter either!

Kaikan Phrase 2002 special chapter+

•November 10, 2011 • 7 Comments

Disclaimer: this is my first attempt at manga scanlation. I barely know Photoshop at all, so expect amateurish stuff.

This special chapter of Kaikan Phrase was included as a bonus booklet on the real life Λucifer’s 2002 best-of album. For all you Kaikan Phrase fans, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is, there is going to be a new 42-page Kaikan Phrase special published in November 2011 (more info here). The bad news? I don’t expect to be able to find the scans anywhere. If you can provide me with said scans, I’d be happy to work on them. Or, if you can do all the real work and just need me to translate, that’d be even better!

Thanks for reading.


Edit: Kaikan Phrase Reincarnation has now been scanlated as well.