Anjuu no Chi c03


Thought I’d give some attention to this long-neglected Naoki Yamamoto work.

Mediafire links including the first two chapters in case you need them:
Chapter 1 (by Euthanasia)
Chapter 2 (by Euthanasia)
Chapter 3

~ by Amagasa on August 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “Anjuu no Chi c03”

  1. I’ve only read the first chapter so I’m still not quite sure what I’m getting into here, but I do have read ‘Arigatou’ so it’s not like I’m completely unfamiliar w/ the author’s style (of writing).

    That said, I’m undoubtedly interested although the only thing I can offer you really are my typesetting and proofing expertise. If only I’m not already backlogged with all sorts of (editing) assignments, it probably wouldn’t be a bad time to get started on working on adding cleaning to my scanlating repertoire. Anyways, I’ll check if my group’s chief editor would be interested enough in helping out on this. Otherwise, I hope you can at least find a cleaner.

    Also, if you’re ever interested in translating any other stuff, particularly classic (Happy Scans) stuff– just let me know. We’re always open to working w/ any tler/group (as a joint) given the right title.

  2. Holy crap. I just read this couple weeks ago. The 1511d ago on Mangaupdates was utterly disappointing. I’m glad someone is interested in doing Naoki Yamamoto works.

  3. Well i said this already in one of happy scans releases, but FKMTKrazy did a cleaners and typesetters roll call and they got extra people, enough to turn applications down, with that said i will wait to see if A1oner gets a capable cleaner… if not you could also ask Sonickrazy, maybe he could ask the guys that didn’t get a part on their call to help here, and if all else fails i guess i can help with the cleaning and some edits, i hope things don’t turn out that badly that i would have to stop freeloading these releases XD.

  4. And so a week later, I’ve returned with some favorable news. If you still feel like translating this series, Happy Scans will gladly cover the rest of the editing tasks for you. Hit me up so we can iron out the details, asap.

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